Diagnosis Kits

Do you have child who has been recently diagnosed with either asthma or allergies? AAFA-STL will provide an asthma or allergy welcome kit with a variety of educational and useful materials to help ease the challenges faced with a new diagnosis.

When your child receives a diagnosis of asthma or food allergies it can be overwhelming. As you navigate this period of adjustment to life with asthma/allergies, you can find helpful information and support through these kits as they are filled with useful resources for both the child who has been diagnosed with asthma/allergies and his or her caregivers. Along with educational materials, we’ve included a special friend — Velvet Hugs, a Certified Allergy-Friendly stuffed animal — to show your child he or she is not alone while learning to manage their disease.

Kits come in an AAFA-STL backpack with:
– Velvet Hugs Teddy Bear, a Certified Allergy-Friendly stuffed animal
– Prescription Assistance information for asthma/allergy medicines

Asthma Kits will also have:
– Creating a Healthy Environment Guide
– A Guide to Managing Asthma
– Kids with Asthma Can: Arthur Activity Book for parents and kids
– Asthma Inhalers Poster
– Rescue and Controller Stickers to label your inhalers
– Inhaler carrying case
– Asthma Action Plan
– How to use Peak Flow Meter
– How to Talk to your Doctor about Asthma
– How to Use a Peak Flow Meter
– How to use a Spacer
– Peak Flow Meter

Food Allergy Kits will also have:
– A Guide to Managing Your Child’s Food Allergies
Kids with Food Allergies Bracelet
– Epinephrine Auto Injector carrying case
– List of Alternate Names for Top 8 Food Allergens
– SuperDan & Food Allergies Book
– EpiPen training device
– Food Allergy Action Plan
– 14 Food allergy charms
– Allergy stickers
– 10 School Planning Tips for Food Allergies
– Different Types of Allergic Reactions
– A Quick Guide to Practical Food Allergy Management