AllerTrain™ Food Allergen Training Courses

AAFA-STL is excited to offer the array of AllerTrain™ accredited food allergen and gluten-free training courses to foodservice professionals and other interested groups in our service area.  Reagan Nelson, Program Director, is a certified Master Trainer of the suite of AllerTrain™ courses.  If your establishment or group would like to receive training in the AllerTrain™, AllerTrain Lite™, AllerTrain U™, AllerTrain RA™ or AllerTrain K12™ courses, please contact us: or 314-645-2422 x3.



AllerTrain is an ANSI accredited food allergen and gluten-free training course. AllerTrain™ teaches foodservice professionals about the top foods causing food allergies, proper protocol for preparing food so to avoid cross-contact and to how better serve diners with special dietary needs. This will help restaurants avoid food allergy related incidents, and prepare them to handle such incidents, should they occur.
Who should take AllerTrain?: Restaurant general managers, owners, executive chefs, food and safety managers, kitchen staff, front of house staff and anyone involved in commercial restaurant operation.  Cost:  $69/per person


AllerTrain Lite
is an ANSI accredited food allergy and gluten-free training course. AllerTrain Lite™ is a condensed version of AllerTrain™ and is for hourly front and back of the house team members working in the foodservice industry. The course teaches how to safely interact with and serve diners with special dietary needs such as food allergies, intolerances and celiac disease. Upon completion of the training, learners will understand the most important practices related to allergen control in the front of the house, back of the house and in an emergency situation.  Who should take AllerTrain Lite?: Hourly front and back of house team members working in the food service industry.  Cost:  $19/per person


allertrianlogo-UAllerTrain U™ is a food allergen and gluten-free training course designed for people who serve food in a college or university setting. Students who suffer from food allergies or celiac disease can have a hard time eating on campus. AllerTrain U™ will help colleges and universities develop and refine polices for catering to this segment of the student population and provide practical tips for avoiding cross-contact with the unique needs of university food service in mind.
Who should take AllerTrain U?: University food service directors, executive chefs, nutritionists/ registered dietitians, kitchen managers, cooks, servers and anyone else involved in providing meals in an on-campus setting.  Cost:  $69/per person


allertrianRAAllerTrain RA™ is a food allergen and gluten-free training program meant to cater to Resident Assistants living in a college or university dorm setting. RAs will often be the first responders to allergy-related incidents, and through taking this course, they will be prepared to handle the incident correctly until medical professionals have arrived. The course is only 10-15 minutes long and can easily be incorporated into an existing RA training program.  Who should take AllerTrain RA?:  College and university Resident Advisors.  Cost:  Varies


AllerTrain Kallertrianlogo-K12 912™ is another one of MenuTrinfo’s food allergen and gluten-free training programs that caters to K-12 schools. 1 in 13 children of school age have a food allergy. These children have needs that must be taken very seriously in a school cafeteria setting. This course will help schools better serve children with food allergies, celiac disease and/or intolerances to food.  Who should take AllerTrain K12?: Primary and secondary school administrators, food service managers, nutritionists/registered dietitians, cooks, line servers and anyone else involved in providing meals to students.  Cost:  $69/per person